Friday, June 20, 2008

samajodhar sangha

Shri SHREENATH ASHAWADI is a social reformer, who established a Society, named SAMAJODHAR SANGHA for the Purposes of fightimg against the Dowry System.Dowry system is a social evil which is very much prevalent in INDIA . Mr.SHREENATH ASHAWADI is teacher by profession. The Dowry system is basically responsible for differential treat for the female Child. Actually at the time of marriage, the Parents of groom side demands money from the bride side. The amount of demand depends upon the quality of the groom as well the socila status of the family of the groom. If a middle class family is having more than one female child, then the family is always under pressure. The female child is considered as a burden on the family and parent never encourage their female child. Mr.SHREENATH ASHAWADI was very much aware of the ill effects of the DOWRY SYSTEM. His main area of function is Bihar, especially Chapara, Siwan,Gopalganj, Patna area. He was the first person in his locality to marry without taking the Dowry.In the year 1973 he himself presented as example for the youth in the society to marry without taking the Dowry. At the very young stage, he came in contact with JAI PRAKASH NARAIN (The Great leader of India who has lead SAMPURNA KRANTI MOVEMENT in INDIA in the 1970s). The Ideology of JAI PRAKASH NARAIN enflunced him to the greater extent. Shreenath Ashawadi is supported by his wife Smt. Uma Singh. Mr.SHREENATH ASHAWADI has arranged more than 1000, dowry less marriage during the period 1973-2003. Mr.SHREENATH ASHAWADI has also establisjhed Nutan Printing Press at Ekma(Chapara, Bihar)and has published the Magazine, named NUTAN PATH.This Magazine was basically meant for creating social awareness amongst the common people aginst the ill effect of DOWRY SYSTEM. Mr Ashawadi has also written songs , few of which has been sung by DEVI KUMARI, the regional Singer. Now the casettes are also launched in the common public.MR. SHREENATH ASHAWADI has also written a Hindi Drama, named JAMANA BADLEGA. MR. SHREENATH ASHAWADI has been also fighting for the cause of WIDOW MARRIAGE. He has also arranged many WODOW MARRIAGE. The other active members of the SAMAJODHAR SANGHA are Shri Chanra Bhushan Giri, Shri Kashi Nath Singh, Shri Ramashanker Giri, Shri Mahatma Prashad, Shri Kailash Pandit, Shri Pramod Tiwari, Shri Sukhdev etc. Without help of these members it would have been difficult for Mr. Ahawadi to arrande so many Dowry less Marriages.
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